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    No login possible on EPO


      siete recently I have the problem that I am no longer on the Epo console log.

      The EPO services also run correctly.

      Has anyone Eien idea how I change the password to reset it?
      Or as another user I define it?

      Many greetings

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          which version of ePO are u running

          If it is 4.0

          Try this

          Login to https://localhost:8443/core/configure (please check the port 8443 against your configuration)

          and check your databse and admin user settings and test the database connection

          It is possibly a database problem

          If you have selected windows authentication when u installed ePO, you are not supposed to change the password of the user with which you have installed it. if yo u have done that try resetting to the old password

          This applies to SQL Passwords too

          If you are running ePO 3.6.x

          run the program CfgNaiMS.exe (programfiles/Network Assocoates(or MCAfee)/ePO/ )
          to check the database and user settings

          restart you machine after you have done your steps

          Hope this fixes your issue
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            if everything is working and you have actually lost the admin password then mcafee can help you recover it if you log a support call with them.

            but this is probably just SQL issues or some such, check SQL connection as prev poster said and also what patch level are you on?
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              Thanks for the quick support.
              Unfortunately, the above points does not work.

              I currently have the 3.6.0 version in use.

              can I use the version without the admin password on 3.6.1 update?

              Many greetings

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                this was common with 3.6.0 can you upgrade to 3.6.1?

                have you just installed sp2 for win2003 by any chance?

                this is the master list of fixes but basically just upgrade to 3.6.1