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    Getting stats on repository use?

      Hey folks,

      I'm wondering if its possibly to get some sort of stats on repository use.

      I want to see volume by repository and the clients connecting to them.

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          I ended up writing a perl script to read through the remote agent log. Not sure if that was the best way but it works for me..
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            I'm looking for something similar- what say ye?


            I see in product deployment reports shows  PRODUCT, UPDATED VERSION, CLIENT NAME AND REPOSITORY NAME- so i would think its doable but can't get it rolling.

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              This is impossible in ePO 4, but pretty simple in 4.5, as this kind of information is now available to the query engine.


              Create a new query with a Feature Group of Events and a Result Type of Client Events.

              Select a chart type - you're probably going to want a pie chart or single group bar chart.

              Select "Site Name" as the label.

              On the Columns page, select what you'd like to be displayed when you drill down - something like system name, product, version, event type and site name

              On the Filter page, select Event Type. If you only want to see which repos were used for DAT updates, select event type equals DAT. If you want engine updates as well, add another row for event type equals engine (make sure it is set to "or", not "and".  And so on

              Run the query and save it.  That should give you what you're after...


              Regards -



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                Thanks Joe!