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    EPO 4 - VSE: Top 10 Detected Threats - Surely this cant be right?

      Hoping someone on here can help.

      Out of curiosity i ran the query VSE: Top 10 Detected Threats today and found that i have over 2000 threats detected as [Blank].

      When looking at these in further detail i can see that VSE on client machines is reporting McAfee files within Application Data as viruses.

      Now VSE is not doing anything with these luckily and dealing with them as false reportings but is there anyway to stop EPO or even VSE at the client machines from reporting or detecting these.

      Is it a bug?

      Here's a snapshot sample:-

      File Path: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\UpdateHistory.ini
      Event Category: Malware
      Event ID: 1059
      Threat Severity: Alert
      Threat Name:
      Threat Type: virus
      Action Taken: None
      Threat Handled: false
      Analyzer Detection Method: OAS