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    Tray Icon - wrong language


      we want to roll-out McAfee completely in English even we have different MUI- Installation for different countries. The Agent and Virus-Scan itseld is already english but in the Tray the Try-Icon menu stays in configured language of the system. How can we force that to be english too?

      Thanks for your help!

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          Hi Hannes,


          Did you ever get this resolved? We are facing the exact same problem. Very frustrating....


          Kind Regards,


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            We had a simmilar issue, but not only with the Tray Icon, but also with the logfiles. This is what I got from support this week.Still need to test it though, maybe it can help you.


            Preferred Language

            Install Language = OS Language unless specified via MID.

            UI, Alert and Log language: MID and ePO set Preferred Language in HKLM.

            Client UI sets Preferred Language in HKCU.


            When the Preferred Language setting is Automatic (HKCU and/or HKLM), it will use the next preferred language.

            When a process is running as System (e.g. OAS (including Buffer Overflow and Access Protection), and scheduled Scan), the order of preferred language is:

            1) HKLM

            2) OS language


            When a process is running as User (e.g. Console, unscheduled ODS, right-click Scan, and E-mail Scan), the order of preferred language is:

            1) HKCU

            2) HKLM

            3) User language (Language set via Regional Setting).






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              Thank you very much! I will test it out today.


              We used a rather ugly workaroud: We replaced the 0413 mctrayres.dll with the 0409 one. I'd rather use the registry to solve this so I hope the solution you got from McAfee support works.


              Kind regards,