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    EPO and Active Directory Sync

      **Warning Warning Another Noob Question Alert**

      Ok so I have an EPO 4.5 server and I read that you can set EPO to sync with Active Directory. What is the advange to doing this? And how do you do it?

      Thanks all.
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          Not to sound like a prick here, but that installation and admin guide that comes with the product is pretty good and should be read in order to provide the best offerings to your company.

          However, the biggest benefit in using AD sync is that you can program ePO to automatically install any McAfee software (e.g. Agent, VirusScan, Anti-Spyware, etc) once it comes on the wire and is added to AD. You can also have those devices in ePO be automatically removed when a device is removed from AD. It's well worth going with it, but it may take some time/patience to have it setup just the way you want it.