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    EPO Questions

      I have two questions.

      Question 1: I am running EPO 4.5 on a Windows 2003 Server. Everything works as intended. However I set up a "Daily Scan" for all the clients that report to the server. The problem is the scan will find literally thousands of "Unwanted Programs" , but when click on the server notifications and look at them they are just Cookies. Is there anyway I can configure something to not alert me when a Cookie is detected\removed from a client?

      Question 2: Same EPO Server as above. One of the clients that report to the above server run What's up Gold 12.4. I had to disable (via policy) the "Prevent Mass Mailing Worm" rule so that WUG could send out email alerts. I know this isnt an ideal fix. What can I do to just allow WUG to send email but block everything else?

      Any help would be appreciated!!
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          On the Whats up you can exlude the process from being blocked. In the report it should show what the EXE is that tripped the block and just add that to the exlusion. I would suggest putting that access protection rule to report only, not block. Spend some time finding out what is tripping the port 25 and determine if it is legit or not. As you find legit ones add them to the process exceptions, then turn it back on.
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            Thank you I will give that a try and see what I come up with.

            Any idea on question 2? I am a complete noob with McAfee products.
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              You mean question 1? There should be a setting that says do not report on cookies, you can also exclude the cookies from the report by using a filter that excludes type name contains cookie.
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                Errrr yeah question 1. Sorry I must have been thinking about another problem I was having. LOL

                Thanks I will check into that as well. Just having someone say those settings exist makes them easier to find if you know what I mean. I appreciate your help.