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    ePO 4.5 Apache uses 100% CPU

      Ever since we've upgraded our ePO 4.0 to 4.5 I've noticed excessive CPU usage from the Apache.exe executable. It will spike to 100% usage of an entire CPU (the machine has 2 so it shows 50% of total system) and will stay that way for 10~20 minutes at a time. It will then drop back down to 0% for a while until it pops back up.

      This is an older machine but it did run ePO 4.0 perfectly fine for us ever since 4.0 came out. I've checked the system logs and there is nothing showing in them to give any help or in the tomcat or apache logs on the system.

      I've noticed that McAfee upgraded from Apache to 2.2.9 with this version. It looks like 2.2.12 is the newest release, and 2.2.9 is from Sep 2008.

      Anyone else noticing this type of behavior?

      Also has anyone ever upgraded the Apache inside of ePO manually before?
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          Why are there 2 copies of Apache.exe loaded into memory? One uses less CPU and memory while the other is the one that keeps spiking.
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            Well I decided to upgrade the internal Apache to the latest 2.2.12 since .10, .11, and .12 all had security fixes in them. I used a Araxis Merge to compare the installed copy and the downloaded copy, ripped out all the unneeded items, and merged in the config files. So far everything is working correctly and Apache hasn't spiked 'yet' but we'll see how it goes.

            I checked on Tomcat and it's the newest version of the 5.5 series at 5.5.27.

            The Java JRE version is 1.6.0_13 and 1.6.0_15 just came out today. I might try upgrading it as well to see if it helps and to also cover security updates.
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              Darn, 100% CPU spike again even with the newer apache version. How can I figure out what it's doing to cause this?
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                I ended up have to add both apache.exe and tomcat.exe to the McAfee exclusion list for the access protection. Once I excluded them from being scanned I saw an increase in performance. If you check your log file you should see where McAfee is blocking them and under what category you will need to exclude them.
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                  I'll try adding them as scan on read exclusions and see if that resolves the problem. Not really a good solution though...
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                    It's not triggering any access protections. I added the entire ePO folder to the on-access exclusion list for read and write for testing purposes. My Tomcat is only bad when I start the services which is ok since it's loading. My Apache.exe is still pegging like crazy even with the exclusion in place.
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                      Ok, I went into the apache http.conf file and I've made some slight changes to see how it impacts things. I cycled the worker threads back from 250 to 50, dumped all the non EN languages, and some other trivial things. I'd like to dump the AddChars et's but I'm not sure which ones I need to keep for EN. We'll see how it acts now. The 4.0 version was using 250 worker threads too but I'm wondering if Apache 2.2 is more aggressive and is thrashing my older server.
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                        Nope, that didn't do it either. In the last 14 hours it's used 7 hours worth of CPU time. Which in essence means it pegs to 100% for 30 minutes of every hour.

                        Everyone else out there running 4.5 on your servers, what type of usage are you seeing from the Apache.exe service on your machines?
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                          Just an FYI, I've also successfully upgraded the internal JRE of ePO 4.5 as well from 1.6.0_13 to 1.6.0_15. You have to install the JDK version and then get the JRE from inside of the jdk section and then merge a couple of config files together. This like upgrading Apache has however not fixed my Apache performance issues.
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