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    value certificate from class action williamson vs. mcafee


      We received a postcard that we were a member of the auto renewal class receiving a value certificate for $11.50 that can be applied to auto-renewals.


      I went to the referenced web site and entered email and password for our account and it said:  "you don't have any subscriptions set up for auto renewal to which you can apply the value  certificate.  If you want to use your value certificate to purchase new subscriptions, click continue shopping."


      But we do have auto renewal set up for three PCs for Internet Security. Why notify us, if we are not eligible?  We have not changed the account in several years.


      I called support.  The  agent seemed to imply it was our problem, not theirs and he looked up our account and said yes we have auto renewal but there is an error  and he would extend our subscription for 60 days beyond its current expiration date.


      I disagreed  that is was not our error and he talked to some supervisor and returned with information that we had an old version, Internet Security with 3 licenses  and not Internet Security with unlimited licenses.   Nothing in postcard said we needed unlimited licenses. And as far as I know, we are running a current version.


      A supervisor is supposed to call back tomorrow.  There is a bug somewhere!