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    ePO timed Recieve/Generated




      Can I adjust the Event Receive time as per my screenshot it took days before I receive the Event.



      Please kindly move to ePO section, I can't post my question in that discussion, I don't know why?

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          Well this depends on where the event was generated. As it shows threat-event i suggest it is some event on a client.

          So as long as the client has no connection to the EPO there is no possibility of receiving the event.

          For example: employee is outside corporate network on monday and get´s an infection. VSE notices it and does a clean. Corresponding events are generated.

          On tuesday he connects to the company network and the agent is able to upload the events to the EPO.

          You would receive the events a day later.


          How can you circumvent this?

          Install an Agent-Handler in your DMZ.

          As long as your clients have internet-connection you will directly see the events on your EPO.

          As long as they don´t there is no chance.


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