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    Epo 4.0.0

      Hey guys, I have a really good question. I've exhausted my resources trying to figure this on out.

      I am trying to prevent our users from disabling the HIPS services from the SERVICES.MSC.
      I've managed to get the DISABLE IPS menu to clear from the HIPS console.. .but i'm sorta stuck from there.....

      PLEASE HELP!!!!
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          if your users have local admin rights there nothing to do...

          remove admin rights and block access to services or other management tools using GPO
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            Ok, if i block through GPO, then people are able to shut down other services. I'm aiming for blocking just the HIPS services... such as the check box in McAfee Enterprise that prevents the services from being shut down.

            any guidance is very helpful!!
            • 3. blocking shutdown of services (HIPS)
              Some very weird happens. Strange enough, the problem is actually the solution that i've been looking for. But i'm unable to replicate the process of how to get to the solution.

              With HIPS policies enforced, i noticed that when i right click the

              McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention Service
              McAfee HIPSCore Service

              the abilities to be able to stop the or start the services are greyed out!!:eek:
              THIS IS THE ANSWER THAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!! keeping bad hands from shutting down the services.

              Soooo the question is, what policy has inflicted this option? :confused::confused:

              Again... any help is very gratefull!!!!!1:p