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    Question about Client Tasks

      Running ePO 4.0

      I'm upgrading machines from Virusscan 8.5 (and in some cases 8.0) to 8.7. Is it better to create 1 task that removes 8.5 & 8.0 and then installs 8.7, or should they all be separate tasks? Are there advantages/disadvantages of doing it one way over the other?

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          From my experience, you do not have to have a separate task to uninstall a previous version of VirusScan when performing an upgrade. Simply create one task to install VirusScan 8.7, and that will be smart enough to perform that upgrade. It may require a reboot though, just an FYI.
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            In my experience I agree & disagree with dustrho.
            It is best to have one task but set it to remove the previous versions and intall vse 8.7 dont rely on vse 8.7 uninstalling older automatically or you may get 2 versions on 1 machine.
            If you have allowed the agent policies to generate a reboot automatically when needed on installs then you will not have to wait but otherwise in some cases you may be left with an uncovered machine.

            Mcafee agent policies
            general policies
            Reboot options after product deployment (Windows only):

            you can set autoreboot after timeout or prompt users
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              Upgrade is possible and i tried with no errors or 2 version on the same machine. But there is a litte difference between upgrade and a fresh install. When you upgrade 8.5i to 8.7 with simply creating a task that deploy vse 8.7, the task only upgrades the vse. But fresh install installs with the up to date DAT version. It eliminates the update need after upgrade.
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                Do be carefull with the VSE8.0 upgrades, I had a customer that had pre patch 13 machines that wouldnt upgrade, McAfee's response was to upgrade to P13 first, then got to 8.7