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    Master Repository Status Issues

      My Repository is one dat before the latest available. For example:

      My Repository DAT: 5698.0000 Latest Available: 5697.0000

      I am running ePO 4.0 Patch 5, and the last check: 2009-08-05 13:10:57.83

      Please HELP!
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          If you look right now I would bet you are 2 versions ahead of what is currently available. That is where we are.

          I would bet money the error is on McAfee's side and will be corrected shortly.

          If not - I was just kidding about the betting money thing. : )
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            I hope so!! One of my Daily reports rely's on this, and I really don't want to try to explain to a bunch of managers why or how this happening.
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              Understood. If it is not on the report it does not exist! Could give them a screen shot of your Master and Distributed Repositories?

              Hopefully this will correct itself soon. If it is still like this tomorrow I will begin to worry also...

              I just closed/opened ePO to check - I am still 2 ahead.

              Anyone else seeing this?
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                global mcafee http and ftp repos update at diff times sometimes one will be ahead of the other so your status may come from one repo and the actual dat you have checked in from another.

                Have also noticed that the repositories 3.6.1 and epo 4.0 get pointed to within mcafees network sometimes have diff dats checked in at diff times. So sometimes I can get 1 epo to update to latest dat while the other epo cant as its not available there yet.