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    ePO installing patches where it shouldn't

      I've been using ePO 3.6.1 for years now and have never been fully trusted it when it comes to installing software or software updates.

      Yesterday I went through our entire directory tree and made sure that our 2 update tasks for all nodes except our test groups were set to NOT install anything under the Patches and Service Packs headings (everything is ticked under the Signatures and Engines)

      Today I imported Patch 3 for HIPS 6.1 into the repository expecting it to install onto the Test groups only.

      I ran a report after the lunch time update task and there are 11 extra machines showing up as having installed the patch. The machines in question are inheriting the update task from their parent node and that node is correct in that its set not to install patches or SPs. There are also 80 or so machines in the same group that correctly did not install the patch.

      Just wondering if everyone experiences this type of thing or might there be some problem with my setup?