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    Windows 10 June15 update to McAfee Total Protection


      Since the June 15th update, I've been having problems with McAfee.  Nothing finishes or runs forever.


      Quick clean... ran overnight "Looking for items in...".  It never found a single item.  I had to cancel it the next morning.


      Full Scan... ran for an hour... never passed 1%.  It appeared to be crawling through file names.  In an hour it had only scanned about 8700 files.   I had to cancel it.


      Windows Defender keeps (re-)enabling itself.


      It looks to me like McAfee starts too late in the startup cycle.  Window's Defender starts itself because there is no other security product running at the time Windows starts it up. After that, I suspect that Windows Defender and McAfee are colliding.  I disable Windows Defender without any effect on McAfee.


      Thanx in advance for any assistance.


      Tony Lubrano