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    TIE- How can I perform a schedule backup?


      HI all,


           I have 3 TIE server (1 master and 2 slave)

           Is there any possible way to have a schedule backup?


           I do find a KB and find how to back up a server

           But, can EPO or another method can do this task automatically?

           McAfee Corporate KB - Threat Intelligence Exchange Server database maintenance KB86092




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          You can set up a cron job on the server to run that command.  I do not believe there's a way to orchestrate this from ePO.

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            Yes we have the same question. We have VEAAM Replica and NETAPP Snapshots but i also want the POSTGRE DUMP automated. There is

            an immense of work from IT side in that database regarding to TIE.


            Could someone from Mcafee comment on that and maybe make a whitepaper HOW to do that automated on the LINUX Distro you use?

            Assuming Mcafee customers are not too fit in TUX would be a good start ;-) ON MS SQL dumps are the only way to go for us.



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              If you have TIE Slaves then you should not need to backup the the TIE Database (as long as the replication process is working OK).  If for some reason you lose the Master then you can promote one of the slaves.  The KB article referenced above states "McAfee recommends you use a Storage Area Network (SAN) to store each TIE Server virtual appliance disk and also to rely on periodic snapshots against unexpected failure events at the database level."  it has also been updated for changes in TIE 2.1

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                If you don't NEED a TIE Slave because you only have 1'000 clients in ONE LAN-Connected location THEN this would be a reason to install a TIE-Slave?

                Potsgre DUMPS > This was meant additional to SAN-Snapshots or VEEAM-Replicas. We have enough HA in other Areas from FW to Exchange and Webgateway.

                I have seen the problems some had with the TIE Master/Slave during upgrades so it wouzl dbe a good idea to keep that simple.


                There once will be a clear strategy in smaller IT departments soon. If Ransomware and Cyberthreats like the one from Ukraine will go on like this small SBS with up to 500 will start using such solutions and maybe not even have SAN. Ever thought of that in a sales view?

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                  If the resources are available I'd have a TIE Slave rather then mess about with PostgreSQL.  It's the recommenced minimum for a production environment.  But for small environments you could get away with just one combined TIE/DXL Server and rely on snapshots.  Customer/Management decision at the end of the day, we can only recommend.