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    ePO 4.0.0, NAC 3.1.0: CPU 100% at all time


      Does anyone use the ePO, and have the problem about CPU utilization 100% at all time?

      My server is running with the ePO 4.0.0, and NAC 3.1.0. Its CPU utilization is about 100% all time. The processes those consume most of the CPU are tomcat5.exe, Apache.exe, EventP****r.exe, Mcshield.exe The tomcat5.exe process usually consumes most of the CPU utilization, greater than 50% most of the time. I can login to the ePO console with very slow response from the server. And sometimes I couldn't login to the ePO console.

      Does anyone know why these processes have consumed most of all the CPU Utilization?
      And what are they used for?

      Does anyone deploy NAC and has a kind of this problem?
      This problem seems to happen after deploying NAC.
      We firstly deployed just only the VSE8.5, and had not see this problem.
      But after deploying NAC 3.1.0 for a while, the ePO server's CPU utilization is about 100% all the time. When we deployed just a small portion of NAC clients, the problem didn't occur.

      Are there any limit of the number of NAC clients?

      Please suggest,
      Thank you.