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      I have sent an e-mail to virus_research@mcafee.com with the subject line False Artemis!02D50582F321

      and with the .zip file containing the program I believe is a false positive (note that instead of winzip I used 7zip as my zip encryption method), as the entire time I had it on my computer, it has not done (to my knowledge, after examining every inch of my C: drive) anything harmful at all


      https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/dd2e64e27b2a982fd08365c37a26953c28fd386ec075c 47cc05101c2b2660d2b/analysis/


      here is the link to what virustotal says about this program; 9/62 detection ratio, but I still believe it to be fine; nothing bad has happened to me with this program, so please whitelist it when able


      Analysis ID 10377911