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    Safeboot Admin Console hanging

      Hi all, first post here...

      We have about 4 safeboot servers, on 1 server when you log on the console hangs for about 15 minutes then becomes responsive again. All the rest of our servers are fine!

      Apart from reinstalling the console and bringing the sbdata back in again is there any solution for this?

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          Check to make sure that "check for updates on startup" is not checked. You can also change this in SBAdmin.INI. The delay is probably your server trying to call home the internet to check SafeBoot/McAfee for new software, which would normally be blocked by firewall/proxy. I would include this setting for all workstations with the console as well, so they don't try to get to a higher version than the server.

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            Many thanks for that, The check for updates option was not ticked and there was no entry for updates in the sbadmin.ini file however I added in the entry you suggested and it worked a treat

            Thanks again!