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    Can FramePkg.exe 4.0 install onto logical drives?

      I am trying to install McAfee EPO antivirus FramePkg.exe 4.0 on a test laptop. The laptop will have Faronic's DeepFreeze installed so I am following their whitepaper's advice and I setup 4 "logical drives" and set the permissions to Everyone Full Control for now.

      The folders are
      c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\mcafee
      C:\program files\common files\McAfee
      C:\program files\McAfee
      c:\program files\mcafee inc

      I gave each folder 200mb of space (hmm, maybe not enough...) and I ran all the install files until I get to the framepkg install. That one just starts, does the gathering info, gets to the time remainting part, goes to the end of that, then as soon as the "cancel" button vanishes the status bar starts going in reverse and I get a simple message "mcAfee agent setup failed".

      Any thoughts why?

        • 1. Update:
          Hey Gang,

          I went ahead and wiped the pc and tried making the logical drives bigger still no love from McAfee Framepkg.exe.

          I made sure the System had full access to all the folders, nada.

          Any thoughts as to why it wont install on a logical drive?