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    Epo 4.5

      We are in the process of setting up EPO 4.5 in our organization. We had installed version 3.6 but somehow it wasnt configured completely therefore we started from scratch and installed EPO 4.5.Currently we dont have any policies or tree set up. Following are the concerns I had
      (a) All of our client machines have McAfeeVirus scan 8.7 installed. However they are getting updates from the McAfee server not the EPO server. How can I point the client machines to look at EPO server for the mcafee updates
      (b) When we had EPO 3.6 installed some of the client machines had client agents. I am not sure what version of client agent are they running. How can I centrally upgrade the agent to 4.5 using EPO?
      (c) we have a total of about 80 machines in one site. Is is better to go with Active Directory structure or create groups based on IP address of machines?

      Please suggest.

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          - You need to check your mcafee agent policies - repository - check if your ePO server update option is enabled

          - Use client task to deploy agent or use new system add tab. Or create a frame package from ePO and deploy through SMS

          - 80 systems - go with simple tree...don't worry abt AD

          Still you need help, get some McAfee professional services time :)

          - A