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    Building New ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 Server

      I am currently running ePO 3.6.1 on older hardware. I have a new server that I want to install ePO 4.0 on that will replace the 3.6.1 server. I plan to use the same IP address and host name (after I take the old server off the network). I did a similar "upgrade" in the past and there were no issues with my CMA clients communicating with the new server. However, I have received some conflicting information from McAfee that this will NOT work this time around. This is because the existing ePO 3.6.1 server and the new ePO 4.0 server each have a unique ID. The CMA clients (McAfee Agent 4.0) will not recognize the ID of the new server and will not connect to it. I suppose this is a good security feature, but I was not aware of it. Is there any workaround? I was told I will need to redeploy the McAfee Agent for the new server to all my clients.