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    How can I use or install "Rogue System Detection 4.5.0"

      Dear all,

      first of all I am sorry for my poor English, but I am not a native speaker and this is my forst thread in this forum. Last week we successfuly performed an upgrade from ePO Version 4.0 to 4.5. We tried now to setup the rogue system detection 4.5.0 but unfortunately without success. As I understand the "RSD 4.5.0" is a seperate installation package that you can download from Mc Afee. When I ceck the available downloads under ePO 4.0.0 I can see "RDS 2.0.0" but unfortunately I couldn't find version 4.5.0. After that I checked all the downloads under ePO 4.5.0 also without luck. Of course I was logged on with my NAI Grant number.
      Does anybody have similar issues with RDS 4.5.0 or could anybody get this combination (ePO 4.5 with RDS 4.5) up and running.
      Any help is much appreciated. Thank you for your answers in advance.

      kind regards

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          as far as I am aware epo 4.5 uses RSD 2, be aware though epo 4.5 doesnt even have the mcafee agent 4.5 released yet I would NOT have migrated to a newly released product that doesnt even have its main components out.

          you have jumped the gun
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            thank you for your fast reply. We performed this upgrade only in our test environment and not in the productive area exactly because Mc Afee haven't released the new agent for ePO 4.5 yet, as you already mentioned. What I was wondering about is the fact, when you go into the "policy catalog" you can see the "Rogue System Detection 4.5.0" under products. There is nothing mentioned about version 2.0.0 of RDS. That's why I am a bit confused now.

            kind regards

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              tbh I havnt read up on which version of RSD 4.5 uses yet (still waiting on new firewall rules for my test server before I can do much) I does say in the basic installed extensions rsd 4.5 with core modules 2.0. Do you have an RSD software entry in the repos? do you have the ability to set it as an install in a deployment? if not then i guess its not out yet.

              bear in mind......
              epo 4.00 was released many months before the RSD 2 support and update came out, if epo 4.5 is doing the same then keep away with long bargepole if this is necc in your environment
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                I do not have checked in the RSD in my repository yet and therefore it is not available for deployment in a product deployment task. We never used this RSD in the past that's why it is not in our repository. We are now in the middle of a redesign of our antivirus environment and we decided to use RSD to detect systems without a client installed.

                Therefore I tried to download the most current version of RSD from Mc Afee and as already mentioned was confused about the different version numbers (in ePO they talk about version 4.5.0 and on nai.com the mention version 2.0.0). Anyway, for me it seems as we have to wait at least until the new agent version (4.5) is released before we can continue in our test environment to evaluate ePO 4.5 with all the needed components.

                Thank you for your help and have a nice day.

                kind regards

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                  im using the beta 4.5 agent as its only a limited test environment

                  this doesnt seem to be available in beta anymore so I guess its passed into limited release prior to RTW
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                    I was also looking for a beta version of the ePO Agent 4.5 but without luck. So it seems as they have removed it from their download area for some reason. :-(
                    Hopefully they will released it very soon so that we can continue with our project.
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                      Looking at my 4.5 test server I can see that both RSD Sensor 4.5 is checked into the software repository and the extension for RSD 4.5 is checked in too. I would say that going by that RSD4.5 is part and parcel of EPO 4.5.
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                        Very soon will be (hopefully) end of september.
                        Yesterday there were two articles in the knowledgebase. One stated that agent 4.5 is now in EAP (Early Adopter Program, KB66170), other article (KB66152, release notes for Agent 4.5) stated that release would be late Q3 (september). Today both articles disappeared from the knowledgebase.
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                          Did you perform an upgrade from version 3.6 or 4.0 to the new version 4.5 of ePO?
                          If you performed an upgrade, was there already a RSD packet in your repository before?
                          If it was a fresh installation of version 4.5 of ePO, have you had a possibility to choose which packets you want to check in into your repository. I am asking these questions because I perfromed an upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.5 and can not find RSD 4.5.0 in my repository. And as already mentioned I am not able to find the executable of RSD 4.5 on nai.com. Thank you for your answer in advance.

                          kind regards

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