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    Dashboard: DAT Deployment - Other

      Morning Guys

      I've been scanning posts for the last hour without any success to my problem

      We're currently running a pilot of epo4.0 with 75 clients

      I have VSE: Dat Deployment summary on the dashboard however we have 10 clients showing 'other' and does not give me the option to click on it to investigate the specific clients.

      Has anyone else had this problem or know of a Kbase article?

      Thanks in advance

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          Laszlo G
          The "other" section is not clickable so you won't see any details on it.

          The only way to see more info on it is modifying the query you are using to show more than 3 DAT's.

          You can do this by opening the ePO console->Reporting->On the left pane select "VSE: Dat Deployment"->Edit->Unselect "Limit the number of slices to" (or put it to 10 to try)->Run->Save

          Now you will see up to 10 different DAT versions or unlimited (depending wether you have unselected or not the option to limit slices)