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    Livesafe says that an update is being installed...24/7


      hello, I have been using Live Safe since March I got the subscription free with a new Dell laptop, so I went ahead and also installed it on my tablet and cellphone, I haven't had any problems with it. I recently installed it on my Gaming PC, which has sat idle for 2 years, ( illness, surgery long story) led to it sitting. first thing I did was update all of my drivers, scan the PC several times with  AVG Free, which was on the PC, PC was clean. So I went ahead and Installed the McAfee Live Safe on it.  When i tried to open McAfee, a little popup notified me that "An update is being installed, please wait until McAfee finishes the Instillation of your software"  SO, I waited, I just went ahead and messed around on my PC for a few hours. I was ready to log off, and the message was still there..so I figured something was wrong.   I uninstalled it, rebooted, then re-installed it from the website, and it allowed me to open it, and change settings etc. . I logged on today, and had terrible lag, I had a Firefox browser open listening to You Tube, and I clicked on the McAfee icon, and I got the same message again. So now I am at a loss, I have no idea what to do...but I've been on my PC for over 6 hours, and the message is still the same.. I am running Win 7 Pro SP1..anyone else have similar issues? thanking you in advance for any help, nikaMcAfee update message.png

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