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    EPO 4.5 Agent Handler internet facing

      I have seen some posts in this forum about using a Agent Handler on a public facing server to manage laptops on the road. Has anyone attempted to do this yet or have any thoughts?

      I know Laptops can be set to fallback on Mcafee's site for dats, but not knowing a laptop had a backdoor or rootkit on it until 6 months later when the user brings it in is not very good. For compliance purposes not having information on whether the laptop is truely up to date or virus free is not good either.
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          In speaking with Support about 1 month ago, they claimed that this solution will work. I have the same issue as I have about 5000 laptops that Management wants reports on.

          I am currently testing EPO 4.5 and hope to have it in production in 2 months.
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            I have a similar need and a similar plan. Need to go through lab test for 4.5 then hope to get an Agent Handler in the DMZ.

            Keep us posted on any findings.

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              Do you have any info for us, yet happy How your testing @ DMZ going on?

              - A
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                Had a meeting my McAfee Reps last week. Here is what I have found out so far.

                EPO 4.5 REQUIRES SQL 2005 or 2008 which cause some problems for us. Was able to get my current EPO DB moved over to a 2005 Cluster.

                Agent Handlers REQUIRE a direct connection to the SQL Box. So I am now working with the Firewall team to poke a hole in the firewall to accomplish this...which could be a show stopper.

                Agent Handler usage works better with MA 4.5 which has not been released yet. I could get my hands on a pre-release version but more ground work has to be accomplished first.

                The way I understand the agent handler is that they act like a EPO Server without the Web-Stuff enabled. So instead of sending events to EPO to process they just process on their own. Now the question is "Does a Agent handler have to reside on a server?" For other reasons.

                I have another meeting with the Reps/techs in Mid-Oct.

                As much as I hate to say this....It looks like I will be on bleeding edge for a little while. Management is behind me so I hope I don't get cut too badly.