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    HIPS 6.1 Support in ePO 4.0

      I'm looking at upgrading to 4.0 what with 3.6.1. coming near EOL. I know when 4.0 was released there was no support for HIPS 6.1. For that reason I didn't upgrade.

      Looking at the list of fixes up to patch 5 for ePO 4.0 I don't see any mention of support being added for HIPS 6.1. Also looking at the supported app documents for ePO 4.0 I see:

      Supported Apps: HIPS 7
      Unsupported: HIPS 6.0

      But no mention of 6.1 or is that bundled in with 6.0?

      Thanks for any help, really like to hear if people are manageing 6.1 with 4.0.

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          Never mind, found a support doc on it. It is supported provide the following conditions are met:

          3.6.1 Patch 1 or higher (current installation)
          4.0 Patch 2 (desired installation)

          ePO extensions
          Host IPS 6.1 and 7.0 extensions for use with ePO 4.0 Patch 2 and Host IPS 7.0.1 server

          ePO agent for Windows platforms
          3.6.1 or McAfee Agent 4.0

          ePO agent for Solaris and Linux platforms
          3.7 or McAfee Agent 4.0 (non-Windows)

          Host IPS client
          6.1 Patch3