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    EPO nodes randomly change location?

      I am running Epolicy 3.6.1 with 98% of clients running Mcafee Agent 1444.

      This doesnt happen alot, but it does happen - where inside our UNC repositories a machine can disappear from on subnet and appear in another.

      These arent mobile machines, so I'm curious as to how that might happen.

      The enforced desktop policies are to update from local repository then to Master.

      We have 22 subnets configured this way, and I havent figured out why this happens.

      Thanks in advance

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          I'm too having the same issue, originally I took it on ping times, then I changed to subnet. But some clients are still using other repositories, wouldn't mind but the bandwith is already at a premium and can;t work out why it't doing this. The repository is 'visible' and 'accessable' from the client.