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    EPO agent scan in multiple VLAN's


      I am new to this forumn. I am a VMware guy, so please excuse my Mcafee Knowledge.

      I have multiple VLan's in my environmnet. I want to scan them so that, I can come to know, whether EPO is installed on them OR not.

      1) Is it possible for Mcafee to scan the whole VLAN and give me the list of VM's where Agent is not installed?

      2) If this is not possible, can we just scan for the port 8081 in the VLAN and let us know, that this VM has EPO installed ?

      The idea, is I want in all my VM's the EPO should be installed and they should be getting their updates from the EPo Server.

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          A more detailed description about how your network is laid out would help nail down a solution, but it sounds to me like you could use Rogue System Detection to accomplish what you wish. You would need to install at least one RSD sensor on a machine in each subnet. This should enable you to scan for non-compliant machines and you could set up deployment tasks to get "rogue" machines back into compliance.

          Hope this helps.