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    All Systems Reporting "Unmanaged"?

      OK, I run a fairly small shop, 70 client PCs. We had been using ProtectionPilot 1.5, then decided to upgrade to ePO 4.5. When I initially installed it I left the default agent-server communication port set to port 80, dumb move. The server had IIS running for another service and it took it down. So I went through the motions of trying to figure out how to change the port, I found support docs for version 4.0 which referenced registry keys that did exist with 4.5 apparently. So I decided to uninstall/re-install and change the port at the beginning of the installation, I changed it to port 82.

      Now that it's back up and running, all the clients that were previously reporting in a managed are showing up as unmanaged. I exported the security keys before I uninstalled and attempted to replace them hoping to avoid any problems like this, I have contacted McAfee support but they weren't much help.

      Can anyone give me some ideas on how to resolve this?
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          Never mind, I got it resolved. I kept trying to import just the one security key I exported. I had also used the "back up all" option and got all the keys. I restored all keys and had all my clients back to managed! I guess sometimes it helps to, pause, say the problem out loud, then go back at it happy