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    EPO 4.0 Licensing Extension

      Hi Folks,

      I have some questions about the Licensing Extension for EPO 4.0. The Extension version is

      1. I didn't find any kind of documentation yet?

      2. We use AntiSpyware for VSE 8.7. This is shown as "AntiSpyware Enterprise Module" with the correct product count . But I have also "McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise Module" with 0 installations in the list. Do you know how to get rid of it? Is this the 8.5 version? AntiSpyware 8.5 (product and extension) have been removed from our EPO correctly some months ago.

      3. What is the difference between "Total Managed Device Count" and "Total Device Count"? All our machines have a McAfee Agent installed, but the counters differ.

      I appreciate any help!