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    Disaplay only General VSE Properties in 3.6.1

      I inherited a previously configured Epolicy environment, and I have a question on whether it's possible to force VSE 8.0 or 8.5 node properties to ONLY show General properties rather than full details. It seems about 20% of the nodes have full details and I'm not sure how to make them all the same.
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          You didn't say what version of CMA you are running, but I think this works for all of them. The steps below are for in case.

          Inside of the policy catalog; take a look at the policies for the CMA (ePO Agent 3.6.0).

          Inside of the polices there is a radio-button at the bottom of the "General" tab that selects whether you want minimal or full properties on each ASCI.

          Ensure that the option is set the same for any policies that are applied in your environment to get the consistent look you desire.

          You said you want minimal; so select that radio button and then ensure it is set the same on the other policies. Perform a wakeup call to get the policy pushed out to your machines.

          As for the machines already showing up in the directory with Full props, I believe you will need to delete them from the directory and then have them check back in with minimal props. I think the full props is like pee in a pool. Once it is in there, you can't get it out.

          Hope this helps.


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            Thanks for the info - we're actually running Mcafee Agent 4, version 1444. We do have Minimal Props in the global policy, so I'm wondering if someone was doing wake-up calls and selecting "Get full product properties"

            Like I said, I inherited this - and I appreciate the help, thanks!
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              That behavior may be something new in Agent 4 and perhaps someone with experience using that version can help you.

              Using the older CMAs; even if someone performed a wakeup call with full props it doesn't override the CMA's policy which says to only send minimal props. I would hazard a guess that maybe those few machines have a policy applied with Full props enabled or did at one time (reference my pee in the pool analogy).


              Good luck.


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                Yes, well there's no telling what went on beforehand, so I'll just remove and re-add those nodes making sure they're getting the correct policy.

                Many thanks again.