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    Possible RFC Discussion, 309 Trickling Redirect


      I don't know if anyone's ever suggested such a thing, but it's obvious that no one's ever implemented it--as I'm looking at yet another 100MB download that says it's going to take 12 hours.


      I have this idea that a proxy doing trickling could, with a built-in delay of six seconds or such (configurable), return a status code of "309 Tricking Redirect" that includes the usual coded redirect URL and a header in the form "Trickling-Progress: 10kB, 1%" or such. 


      I think the coded redirect URL would have to continuously change, with a count, to avoid the browser detecting a redirect loop, but it might not matter if browsers were actually compatible with this, though compatibility could easily be detected by user-agent string.


      It would be up to the browser designers to decide exactly how this would appear to the user, but I think it should be suggested that the progress update show "trickling..." (parenthetically or such) in the progress display.


      I've had other ideas along these lines (none of which I can remember at this time), so there might be better ways to do this.  But if any of you have ever had to explain trickling to users, I expect you can see the motivation.


      So, I thought I'd open the idea to discussion to see if it's worthy of an MWG feature request and subsequent pursuit of an RFC proper.