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    Cannot find a valid repository

      In a company with 80 sites (10-50 clients) and HQ (1000+ clients) we use ePO4. All agents are restricted to update only from the local distributed repository (UNC) of the site (HQ clients uses master repo). Replication tasks run at 10pm.

      The problem:
      if i run a pull task that updates the master repository (MR) during the daytime, all distributed repositories (DR) become invalid and none of the clients will be able to update from any DR. MR will be the only repo that works till replication is done.

      I cannot replicate during the daytime, but if there is a new DAT becomes available and I update the MR (via a pull task) then all the clients at remote sites won't be able to update because their DR is "out of sync".:eek:

      c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework\Agent.ini at agent:


      sitestat.xml of an "outdated" distrepo (before replication):

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <SiteStatus Status="Enabled" CatalogVersion="20090706190318">

      So agent knows DR is older than MR and refuse to use it.
      What if someone powers on a client that has a very-very-old DAT... it could be updated to the previous DAT what is in the DR, but the agent won't permit it...

      Any suggestions?

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          I'll start off by saying that I see this exact behavior in my environment as well and consider it normal and expected.

          The only suggestion I can offer is to not perform a pull until just before you can perform the replication. I have not come across a way around this.