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    Epo 4.5 experience

      What do you guys tell me about ePO 4.5 experience so far?

      It´d be viable installing it in a real enviroment or it´s too early for that?

      Best regards!

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          Laszlo G
          As per ePO 4.0 it wasn't it was unusable until patch 2 apeared so if I were you I wouldn't use it in productive mode until, at least, first patch
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            I have been running it for a couple of weeks in a test environment. It has been running so far without any issues. We are currently running ePO 3.6.1 and have to decide to either move to ePO 4.0 or 4.5. My test clients that are running with the agent had no problem communicating with the ePO 4.5 test server. I really like the menu improvements that have been made. It is a lot easier to find tasks etc.

            Like the previous post, I plan on waiting for the first patch before considering putting into production. Hopefully, that will be out before the end of the year since we shall loose support on ePO 3.6.1 by Dec 31st 2009.
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              I like it (4.5)but im going to run with my x2 3.6.1 installs until 4.5 patch 1 ( please god make it before xmas though Mcafee)
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                We have it running in our Dev environment right now.

                Layout: Organized much better than 4.0, plenty of new features. Not nearly as clunky as the old interface.

                A few bugs here and there but nothing major that I've seen yet
                • 5. ePO upgrade
                  I want to upgrade from epo 4 to epo 4.5. am i better of uninstalling first and making a clean install of 4.5? the knowledge base mentions uninstalling Agent Handlers. What are these and is it easy to uninstall them?
                  Many thanks
                  • 6. Waiting for 4.5 Patch 1
                    I admire your caution but those of you still running EPO 3.6.x may want to look at McAfee's end of life web page. I hope patch 1 is out soon enough for you to test/deploy it.


                    Reading the tea leaves, McAfee is probably gearing up to shutdown the version 1 DAT distribution system. All of the products that use it have an EOL date of Dec 31st 2009. (The version 2 only site went on-line in March)