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    On-Demand Scan Start/Stop Report


      Hello All,


      We have just upgraded our ePO to 5.3, McAfee agent to 5.0.5 and antivirus from VSE 8.8 Patch 6 to ENS 10.5. We run On-Demand scan on our servers and to keep track we were using "On-Demand Scan Start/Stop report to display start and end time of the On-Demand scan.

      This works fine on VSE 8.8 as their is an event 1202 and 1203 and I can create a report against these events. But after upgrading to ENS10.5; I noticed that there is no such event that logs start and end time for On-Demand scan and get published on ePO.


      Due to this; I am unable to create a report showing start and end time for On-Demand scan on end points.


      My end goal is to be able to demonstrate that scan has been completed on end points and how long it took to complete scan on a system.


      Does anyone know how can I accomplish this on ENS 10.5?