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    EPO Query + AntiSpyware Enterprise Module

      I'm starting to deploy the McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise Module for VirusScan 8.5. I cannot find a query or even get a nice one created that I could use to track the progress of my deployment.

      Does any one have any good queries or recommendations on how I can track this? Something like a pie chart displaying the number of installs vs. non-installs.
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          You should jsut be able to create a simple query, took me less than a minute. I am using 4.5 so a very little difference
          Create new query based on managed system
          Set as boolean pie chart
          hit the configure critera button
          Go down the available poperties and add antispyware product version
          And set that to greater or equal to the version you are using..so 8.5 in this case.
          Works fine.