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      hi there,

      i purchase ($80) livesafe after activation i find this suite is hang my laptop and it show your system at risk in notification bar but there is nothing else. i use mcafee repair tool i found their too many problems and repair tool fix only one problem. my experience with livesafe  is not good. i have iobit malware pro alredy installed in my laptop its wrong to get additional security and support executive told me its a unwanted program i show  him real truth i download a file from internet when i search from mcafee after many try's its not even scan singal file and i scan same file with iobit it show threads and support exectuive told me iobit is a unwanted programs.

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          Technical Support is free of charge by phone or online chat or contact  Customer Service to obtain a refund if you aren't satisfied (same link).

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            Note you can ask the support person to escalate the issue to a higher level who will call you back. If your other scanner has real time scanning active it can affect McAfee

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              I uninstalled my other malware fighter and Reinstall mcafee. Now it works fine but suddenly its real time protection gone disabled i dont now how this happened and mcafee is really a pc killer means you see lag hangs in your pc. I run mcafee virtual technicians it shows same 6 issues i face with other scanner(when other scanner is installed in my laptop). Product like livesafe is costly i hope you understand what happend if it stop working when i need Other hand intel truekey is awesome feature i love it   

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                I use mcafee to explore  in antivirus industry. I contact support three times and two for full activations of all apps& features of mcafee. Mcafee is incompatible with some scanners but previously i used bitdefender with same scanner and kaspersky with same scanner With two real time protections not lag my laptop but one singal protection hang whole pc.

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                  Do not use other antivirus applications as using more than 1 can lead to major problems.

                  Support can be asked to escalate your problem to a higher level free of charge.


                  Meanwhile run the Virtual Technician (again if you already did) http://mvt.mcafee.com/  - it can often fix problems.

                  Usually a slow system is a sign that you don't have enough resources such as memory or hard drive free space etc, or even processor compatibility issues.

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                                    As mentioned in Post #5, running more than one Security application the same time. Will indeed cause conflicts and leave you susceptible to infection. Please see the following applications that are (Incompatible) with your McAfee Software.





                    Consumer Products

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                      I might add also that (I) am the Moderator who removed the Content that you reported as Abuse/Questionable from the Moderation Queue.

                      As it contained Solid/Sound advice.

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                        Thanks everyone for your valuable information. i face problem with mcafee only with my previous antivirus i see both work (bitdefender or kaspersky + iobit malware fighter) but with mcafee i see it works but it hang and some features gone disable automatically and real time protey is turnoff  after i remove other scanner it's very disappointed and not expected from av test top ranked antivirus. My pc is more than mcafee requirements now it works fine but i use malware fighter to add additional protection in laptop. I report abuse because Peter m says my pc not have resources to run mcafee lol. Iobit name is not in list of incompatible software.

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                          Peter was only saying slow system is usually a sign of low memory or low CPU he did not say your PC is no good only could be as a thought .


                          Enough of that point  If you removed all them ( the scanners) and Real time protection is still off either something of the installs is still present (Did you use their own removal tools) or Mcafee's install is corrupted. The version 16 install is low overhead and should load fast and not hold your PC back. I would recall support and refer to former call job numbers and request an escalation call back from a higher level tech.


                          With 16.0 it uses a new scanning engine so possible though you used McAfee with other scanners it may not work now. I would get McAfee working first then if you came add 1 scanner at a time. We mods use some of the scanners listed here as second string testing scanners. As long as their real time scanning modules not active they can be manually used to check your PC.

                          Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

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