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    Port Help - ePO and CSR


      Hi Everyone,


      I've successfully installed ePO 5.9 and Content Security Reporter 2.3.0 both on separate Windows Server 2012 R2 servers.  When I test my connection to AD under Registered Servers, it says it's successful.  So, I go to CSR to detect AD settings, and the tree comes up null.  Figuring that this is odd, I tested my AD connection under Registered Servers again, this time while monitoring firewall logs on QRadar, and I see some denies where both the source and destination ports are set as "N/A."  Our firewall engineer says he thinks that might be ICMP traffic, though when I ping directly from the server (instead of the application), the ping is successful and the source and destination port are defined.  He also confirmed that the firewall doesn't understand "N/A" as a port, so that's why I'm being denied.  And since my pings from command prompt work, the issue is likely being caused by the application.  I'm at a loss here.  Does anyone know anything I can try to remedy this issue?  I have a ticket opened with McAfee support, and basically the response was, "Hmm...that's weird."


      Thanks in advance for any assistance someone can provide.