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    Creating Multiple Repository Update Lists

      I'm presently using EPO 4.0 with a central server and a couple of repositories defined in various countries. Have all this while been using a static repository list for the agents to get updates. Its presently configured to use ping response times but its creating havoc on the WAN. Some agents would go out and pull updates from a repository in another country due to the response times being better but its killing the WAN.

      How can I create static repository lists for each countries so that the agents will only go to that countries repository? I think I would need multiple repository lists, once for each country, but not sure how to do that...need some advice.
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          Create different McAfee Agent policies for each country. For each country's Agent policy, adjust the Repository list as needed. You'll need to be sure to use the "User order in repository list" option instead of "Ping time". Then its just as simple as moving the desired respository to the top of the list and disabling the others.

          Then create groups, by country or whatever, and sort machines into those groups. So, say a British-based machine would go into the "Britain" container whereby it receives the "Britain Agent" policy which forces it to update from that British repo and ONLY the British repo.

          I do something similar to be sure that VPN users are pulling updates from the server nearest the VPN concentrator in our datacenter, and not going across the WAN back to their home office for dat updates. (Auto sort on ASCI is INCREDIBLY USEFUL for this sort of things).
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            Thanks for your advise BXS..

            I've tried your suggestion, its working great now. Each agent is adhering to the policies define for that particular container. Now I'm hitting another road block, its related to the hosts I have in my system tree, I've earlier performed a Sync to AD via a scheduled job configured to run daily. So we've recently had a bunch of desktops decommissioned so I've got a bunch of hosts in my EPO which are no longer on my AD but its not getting cleaned up from the EPO systems lists, is there another scheduled job that I to be running to ensure that the cleanup is taking place?

            Thats question probably warrants another thread, let me do that now...
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              Sorry - I do not use the AD sync functionality.

              If you have a job that cleans up inactive agents they'll all go away eventually. I remove agents that have been inactive for 21 days.