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    Netshield - DAT infomation in EPO 4.0

      Hi all

      do any of you know how if EPO 4.0 has the ability to create queries that report on Novell servers DAT version, as it does with VirusScan Enterprise.

      When you look at the queries you can create, there is no option for DAT version under the Netshield product section to then select the version number 'more than X' or ''within X versions of current'' etc, only things like product version etc

      I have though about trying to write something in .xml and importing the report, but im not sure exactly how to go about it. The EPO agent DOES get the DAT properties , once you drill down on a system, but its under a heading called szdatversion or something like that, so im sure i could so something in xml to create a report, but i would ideally want the report to form part of my overall compliance report for the whole estate, not have a seperate report etc

      just wondered if someone may have already creates some queiries