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    Virtualize existing Safeboot Server

      I want to virtualize an existing Safeboot Server v4.2.11.0. Is it possible to run a simple physical to virtual conversion or will I run into problems concerning any hash values for the encryption etc.?
      Generally I think I could test everything with the virtual system and if I get any problems simply boot the old physical system.

      Does anyone have any experience with situations like that?

      Greetings from Germany :),
      M. Simonis
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          I moved my SB server from one ESX server to another and then back again with no problems. I know its not quite the same but stil.... grin
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            Again not from a physical host but virtual to virtual (but not vmotion) so almost the same. You should be able to P to V it (VC 2) or use the plan consolodation wizard (VC 2.5). If you are using ESX i would strongly recommend using VC 2.5 as the consolodation wizard is great... Just point at a networked machine, give it credentials, pick a host, and it virtualises it for you
            • 3. it works
              Thanks for your answers. I ran the server through p2v with microsoft virtual Machine Manager and everything still works.
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                How are the virtual systems going? Seen any problems with it?
                Iv'e been told that <500 clients is ok in an vitrualized environment. There's suppose to be a whitepaper on that, but haven't found it yet... Are you running more clients?

                Is it working alright?

                best regards
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                  I've seen it virtualised on an ESX box with a couple of thousand and no hiccups. I guess its about reserving it enough memory and being careful how many VMs are utilising the processor on each physical server.
                  Apart from that its just about bandwidth and in all honesty ePO isn't paticularly bandwidth intensive, and if your base server has say a gb connection back to a switch and youre not running any other bandwidth intensive VMS i dont see there being a problem
                  Patch 3 which is on the managed release phase at the moment (final testing and QA) adds support for ESX 3.5 if support is an issue.
                  Since 4.0 virtualisation has been supported by ePO so I don't see why there would be a restriction on clients, its probably more about the underlying hardware/network.
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                    Did you find that whitepaper in the end? We're running nearly 700 clients, everything seems okay. Will let you know when it blows up!
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                      You can't really go wrong with under 1000 clients, not much you can do will hurt it. The system was designed for 150,000+ clients - then it gets sensitive to poor performance hardware etc.

                      as long as you don't change the server DNS name (or IP address if you chose to use that) it will work fine, though with various levels of performance.
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                        Haven't found the whitepaper yet. Could be from old SafeBoot and not incorporated in McAfee KC and thats why I'm not finding it. But I'll keep looking.

                        Good to know that 1000 clients shouldn't be a problem om VM:s.
                        Thanks for the feedback kpx.
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                          There is a sizing guide that I thought came in the DOCUMENTATION folder with the installer. What I was told was that as long as the Virtual Machine has the same hardware allocated to it that the sizing guide has, there wouldn't be a problem. If the PDF didn't come with your installer, maybe the SAFEBOOT guy can dig it up.
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