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    Rogue System Detection 4.5.0 keeps sending e-mail (SPAM) from ePo 4.5.0


      After Upgraded ePo 4.0 to 4.5, Rogue System Detection keeps sending e-mails about Rogue systems.
      In 'Automatic Responses' there is a task to send a e-mail if a new system is detected.
      Works fine, but every 5 minutes i get a message again about the same system. :eek:

      Anyone got this same problem?
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          Jsut change the throttling on the automatic response.
          • 2. ePO 4.0 to 4.50
            I have exactly the same problem, after upgrading, get spammed every 5 mins or so saying Rogue System Detected, yet the system is already managed by this ePO server.

            Throttling the Automatic response does work, but not reall any use if you need to know AND if the PC is still on the network LIVE, not in say 1 hour or what ever the throttling has been set too.

            Surley this is a fault of either the upgrade, or perhaps a fault in the new version.

            As a test I will do a NEW (Not upgrade) install on to a fresh 2k3 box and post back....

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              RSD is not faultless and has always flagged some systems as rogues when they are managed, if a system is busy for any reason and doesnt talk back quick enough it will get flagged as rogue. This has been the case since the original RSS in epo 3.6.
              • 4. RSD keeps spamming me....
                Righto....a fresh install of W2k3 R2 SP2 and then fresh STANDARD install of ePO4.5.0. works perfect...

                Other than when first installed it picked up ALL Servers / PC's, a quick edit of the System Tree to add domain and then forced a new framework package out to all with not one Rogue being picked up after finding and installing the new framework package.

                To conclude the upgrade MUST have some bugs within it that doesn't copy / upgrade the Automatic Responses, where a fresh install is clean and keeps your inbox free of SPAM!!!!

                On a plus note ePO 4.5.0 is now a lot quicker!

                If there would be one thing to look at would be the Auto Response policy as the fresh install uses the builtin "RSD: Rogue System Detected" policy, where on the upgrade takes your original and tries to convert to the new version.

                Hope this helps???


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                  I've got the same problems after the upgrade but fixed it by editing the automatic response filter:
                  Rogue = true
                  and new detection = true

                  now it won't spam that much
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                    Glad I'm letting you iron out the bugs before I migrate in NOV/DEC :)
                    looks like a clean install is called for
                    • 7. RSD - Spamming
                      Its a wise move my friend, despite the upgrade being a time saving upgrade, it pays in the end to have that "Clean Install!"