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    McAfee breaking apps with WebBrowser control




      We have a popular Chrome extension called IE Tab that uses the WebBrowser control to load web pages.


      Recently, we have started getting reports of the application shutting down, and the thing these users have in common is McAfee ENS.  They are reporting that if they disable it then this problem doesn't happen.


      As an individual user I haven't found a way to install ENS to test this out, so I hope someone here can answer some questions:


      1. Is it possible that McAfee has some component that is detecting a threat and just killing the process?  In which case, where would I tell my customers to look for a log message?


      2. I see that the process has this DLL loaded "ScriptSn.20170307085624.dll".  Is there a way to change a setting so that DLL is not loaded in the IE Tab Helper process?  What does that DLL do, is there a way to disable that feature to see if this is the source of the problem?


      Thanks for any feedback you can provide.


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