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    Automate policies


      We want to Automate policies via Tagging. Can this be done using the Web API with a Python script?




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          I found this example python script to automate tagging. 

          My question is do use a text file for this script?


          import mcafee

          mc = mcafee.client('local host','8443','ga','ga')

          file = open('C:/path/to/myfile.txt', 'r')

          for line in file:

          mc.system.applyTag(line.rstrip(‘\n’), 'myTag')

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            Is there a reason you're not using the policy assignment rule option inside of the EPO GUI?

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              MGMT wants automate policy assignment via tagging.

              Lets says the server team builds a new server and install ENS. they want ePO to check

              a file and assign the correct policy to it. They want to do by type of server SQL, Domain controller etc.