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    EPO4 Updating Repositories

      Hi Guys,

      We are having some issues with updates. We have a large number of offices which have their own file & print servers which we have repositories on. Some of the offices have somewhat slow links so we don't want to replicate over during business hours.

      The problem we had previously was all the agents were going back to our EPO server for updates instead of the local repository. Now we found that was because the repository replication (incremental) was happening before the master repository update/pull. We re-arranged the schedule to fix this.

      Now we seem to be having other issues. According to our information the definitions get updated at around 3:30am our local time. We have a scheduled master repository update at 4:00am and a replication at 5:00am. We then have a scheduled pull every 6 hours at 5 past the hour, which would happen at 5:05am, 11:05am, 5:05pm and 11:05pm. Basically the repositories that update still have the previous days update even after the replication, but if we replicate later on during the day it will update the repositories fine. Since this is not updating properly, the sites are coming back to the master repository for updates stating that the local repository isn't up to date.

      I would think that the master repository update would get updated properly then the other repositories would update correctly off it. Does the time the pull occurs need to be changed? Also can you guys think of a better way to go about doing this? The office the EPO server is in has a good connection, and so do a few other offices, but a the rest has slower ones that get slowed down very badly if all the clients grab updates from our EPO server instead of the local one.