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    How to restore quarantined files


      Hi, one of my shared folders has been quarantined by McAfee. The message I get when I try to open a file is: File was quarantined by McAfee HDLP. Quarantine path:
      c:\users\phw\mcafee dlp quarantined files\05.26.17\c\users\phw\dropbox\bbba2 shared folder\01 mb session materials\mb sessions 2017\37th mb session march 21 2017\20161117 cobcoe_connects_going_global v1.pdf
      Machine name:BG-L1501


      I used McAfee sometime ago, but I did not subscribe to it when the free trial expired. That was a about a year ago. Therefore, I was very surprised that it still quarantined my files. I am using another virus protection programme and I am not aware of any malware attacking my computer. Can you please help me to restore the quarantined files.


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