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    ePO Install failing - SQL DB issue

      I wonder if you anyone could advise us please regarding our new ePO installation.

      A bit of background first:
      In order to comply and fit in with our current network architecture, I’m attempting to install ePO onto a VM running 2003 server standard 32-bit in our management tier, connecting to an existing SQL cluster in our database tier. For arguments sake, the VM is called EPOSERVER1 and SQL cluster is SQLCluster1.

      Firewall rules are in place and I’ve been working with our DBA team to achieve this. Initially they created the SQL database which I attempted to connect to during the install and didn’t get far due to my SQL user ‘epo’ not having the required permissions to the DB’s Master, TempDB, MSDB (as per KB59903 solution 2). With these permissions set, the install progresses past the SQL connection prompt phase, deleting the EPO4_ EPOSERVER1 set up by our DBA when prompted, but fails towards the end with a “Cannot open user default database. Login failed” error. When checking with our DBA, EPO4_ EPOSERVER1 does not exist and hasn’t been recreated by subsequent attempts.

      From the logs BUILD FAILED
      C:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Installer\core\build.xml:325: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot open user default database. Login failed.

      I’ve had the DBA’s verify permissions again, but other than a permissions issue, I cannot see why the install is failing. Any ideas much appreciated.