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    EPO Exclusions

      Hello All,

      I seem to be having problems with my exclusions on my applications servers. I have setup a new on-access police with the following information
      Item: E:\Application\, Exclude Subfolders: Yes, Read/Write
      Overwrite client exclusions.

      This seems to have populated down to the servers, however the application manager seems to belive that the exclusion is not working.

      I have cross referenced the registry on the server and checked the folloiwng settings.

      \Software\Network Associates\TVD\On Access Scanner\McShield\Configuration\Default
      ExcludedItem_0 REG_SZ 5|10|
      ExcludedItem_1 REG_SZ 3|15|E:\Application
      ExcludedItem_2 REG_SZ 5|10|
      ExcludedItem_3 REG_SZ 3|15|E:\Application\Dir

      \Software\Network Associates\TVD\On Access Scanner\McShield\Configuration\High
      ExcludedItem_0 REG_SZ 3|15|\\SERVERNAME\E:\Application
      ExcludedItem_1 REG_SZ 3|15|\\SERVERNAME\Device\harddiskvolume5\Application
      ExcludedItem_2 REG_SZ 3|15|\\SERVERNAME\F:
      Exclusions REG_SZ

      \Software\Network Associates\TVD\On Access Scanner\McShield\Configuration\Low
      ExcludedItem_0 REG_SZ 5|10|
      ExcludedItem_1 REG_SZ 3|15|\\SERVERNAME\E:\Application
      ExcludedItem_2 REG_SZ 3|15|\\SERVERNAME\Device\harddiskvolume5\Application
      ExcludedItem_3 REG_SZ 3|15|\\SERVERNAME\F:

      What is the correct way to configure the exclusions and is there a way to detect if they are working correctly?