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    ePo 3.6.0 cannot login, can I upgrade?

      I ran updates to my ePo 3.6.0 server yesterday and now I cannot login. I did not apply SP2 (Server 2003) as I have made that mistake before. The only update to me that would have affected ePo was IE7, so I rolled that update back but still cannot login.

      My problem is I cannot keep this server unpatched, can I upgrade ePo in its current state? Its the original release of 3.6.0 ( What is the upgrade path, and what version do I need to end up at so I can keep this server current without worrying if ePo is going to break? I realize ePo 4.0 is most current, but I also understand that the policies have to be backed up and restored, it isn't a graceful upgrade. I'm short on time to get this up and running with everything else I have to do this summer and would have to make that a later upgrade when I have the time.