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    ePO - Access Protection Policies not the same as client


      I was wondering if somebody could explain the procedure to import the latest policies. (I remember that I had to do something like that).

      At the moment the McAfee client has the following Access Protection Policies:
      Virtual Machine Settings

      I don't see those settings back in the ePO console, so I can't make any changes to it.

      McAfee Client: VSE 8.5i patch 8
      ePO: ePO 4 patch 4
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          I've contacted McAfee support and have resolved this issue.
          Basically, u need to use your grant number to download the latest extensions (also for reports). These can be found at the tab 'patches' of the link where u download the mcafee client. Currently called VSE85HF391404.zip (for the policies) and VSE85HF450332.zip (for the reports)

          Then back to the ePO console:
          Configuration -> Extensions -> Install Extension

          Install the extensions and voila the policies are updated to the latest.